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You said, we did…

Following the series of roundtable events that we held last summer, the outcomes gathered from these sessions have since been collated and reported back to the MoJ for their consideration. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for their valuable input, the feedback gathered will help to positively shape the evolution of the portal for all its users.

We are pleased to share that we first undertook work following this in Q4 of 2023, with more planned for this year, featuring improvements suggested by our users and stakeholders.

In the November 2023 development release, the following changes were delivered:

New notification
We have introduced a new notification to be triggered when the Court pack has been generated in the ‘My document’ section for all personas. You will also see that a new notification now appears in the resolved claims tab when a one-time offer has been rejected, as the case moves to a ‘resolved claims’ status.

Extending the timeout
Periods of no activity in the portal increased from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Message category updated (1)
A new in-system message category has been added when a compensator or TPA makes a change to liability via the change liability link.

Message category updated (2)
In the event of the Portal Support Centre facilitating a bulk transfer, a new in-system message will be sent to the compensator or TPA.

We are now working towards our next release for 2024 and will continue to communicate timeframes and details in due course. However, whilst we are keen to share the upcoming proposed changes, we are also awaiting the outcome from the mixed injury Supreme Court appeal which may impact our development delivery.

The following updates are under current consideration following roundtable feedback:

  • Request from the compensators/TPAs to provide more advanced functionally when claims are being transferred between themselves.
  • Updated fields on the transfer request documents for compensator-to-compensator transfers.
  • Access to more than just the SCNF when files are being requested to be transferred.
  • Prompts when there has been no activity for a period.
  • System driven disclosure of Annex C and D (Annex C & D should have compulsory fields online for completion).

Once we are able to share our development communications, we will do so via the usual channels. If you are not already signed up to our mailing list to receive updates from OIC, please contact us directly to add your details.

We can also now confirm that the MoJ have reviewed all the feedback and evidence provided surrounding policy and have shared their considerations here. If you have any questions regarding these findings, please contact the MoJ directly here:

As the final roundtable response phase has now been completed, we continue to actively request and listen to feedback, with our online feedback form, now permanently open as a point of contact.