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Official Injury Claim ‘Guide to Making a Claim'

This Guide is designed to support claimants when making a personal injury claim using Official Injury Claim. It is aimed at unrepresented claimants, though it may also be a useful reference for claims professionals and advice providers.

Guide to changes to the Small Claims Limit for Injury Claims (Referring to Part 26 of the Civil Procedure Rules)

Claimants should familiarise themselves with the Guide to Part 26, as it explains the changes to the small claims track limit and what the exceptions are.

Guide to Practice Direction 27B

The Guide to Practice Direction 27B explains the process of moving from the online service to court and sets out what the claimant must do in each instance, as well as detailing the documents needed to support the claim.

Claims status Glossary

A list of claims status definitions to aid professional users when tracking the progress of a claim.

Client Secret Rotation Policy

This policy explains how the Client Secret Rotation works and how you can find this within your 'manage organisation' tab within the portal.