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Other claims professionals

Registration is open for claimant representatives, third party administrators (TPAs) and compensators.  Other claims professionals will access the service in different ways.

Medical professionals 

For claims made through a claimant representative, medical reporting organisations (MROs) and direct medical experts (DMEs) will continue to receive their instructions in the usual way via the claimant representative.

For claims made by unrepresented claimants, MROs and DMEs will confirm to MedCo whether they wish to opt in or out for this type of work. For those who opt in, Official Injury Claim will notify the MRO/DME when they have been selected for the first time, inviting them to create user accounts then.

In preparation for the service launch on the 31st May, MedCo has engaged with medical professionals to establish which MROs and DMEs are opting in to use the service, so MROs and DMEs do not need to register directly with this service before the launch.

Third sector advice-giving organisations

Official Injury Claim is committed to supporting organisations who may need to provide information to the public about the service and the Ministry of Justice’s Whiplash Reforms. You can find resources and information here.


Official Injury Claim will not receive claims from or provide instructions to other professionals involved in the claims process, such as providers of hire and rehabilitation services, who will therefore not register to use this service.