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Service data April 2022

Data covering the last four months of operation of the Official Injury Claim service is now available to download here. The data and statistics presented in this publication reflect data captured by the service during the period of 1st December 2021 - 31st March 2022.

During this period, Official Injury Claim processed 95,266 claim submissions including 8,461 from unrepresented claimants. 62,016 liability decisions were made, and 13,843 claims reached settlement stage. Figures in this publication also include information about:

  • types of representation
  • exceptional injuries and circumstances
  • claims exiting the portal
  • enquiries to the Portal Support Centre
  • system operation

The service is still evolving, and analysis of this published data offers an insight into the early performance of the service. However, the information provided will continue to change and mature as the service becomes more established.

As it is still early days in the life of the service, some information is not yet available from which to draw meaningful conclusions. Such information may be included in future publications as more cases come through and the body of data grows. Readers will note we have for the first time in this release included some detail relating to settlements.

Download here