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Still not found the answer you were searching for? Our further selection of resources should hopefully help. 

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In this section of our Help Hub, we have provided additional resources and information which may not sit under the other stages of the claim journey but aim to support your application overall. These include:

  • Support Guides
  • FAQs
  • Sample Forms


Support Guides

To provide support with your claims process, we have created a suite of guides which contain step-by-step guidance on how best to navigate various stages during your journey through the OIC Portal.

Here are support guides we have created which aim to provide help and tips when using the OIC portal:

Claim Status Glossary - This guide provides definitions of common status labels for ongoing claims with the Official Injury Claim system.

Interim Payments - This guide covers how you can request an interim payment from the compensator once a liability decision (in full or part) has been admitted. 

Guide to making a claim - This guide, available in English and Welsh, explains all the legal terms and procedures you may come across when making a claim if you need further help.

Other FAQs

Please take a look below for a list of general frequently asked questions surrounding the claim process. If you do not find the answer to your query here, please check further down this page for additional supporting documentation which may assist you.

Who are Official Injury Claim? What is your role, do you handle my claim and help me make decision on my claim?

Official Injury Claim are not a legal service or compensator, and as such do not make any decisions on your claim, all decisions made on a claim are made by the compensator handling your claim.

Official Injury Claim are unable to give advice on what actions should be made on a claim, as an unrepresented claimant this is up to yourself.

The role of Official Injury Claim is to assist you if you have any difficulties in using the portal or any queries when using the portal during your claim journey and answer any questions you may have about the claims process.

To use the service, you must make and manage your own claim. The Portal does not permit the submission of claims by McKenzie friends or personal representatives. As an alternative to making and managing your own claim, you may wish to seek the assistance of claims management companies or legal representatives who are authorised to submit a claim on your behalf.

How do I make contact with the Compensator?

At the top of your claim overview page you will see the compensator contact details or you can send them a message using the 'My message' box.

What are the device requirements to use Official Injury Claim?

The Official Injury Claim portal is aimed to be as universal as possible for users, accessible on a range of devices. To have the best user experience of the portal, the minimum device requirements to access our service include:

Windows 7 devices

Windows 10 devices

Android Phones and Tablets (Samsung Galaxy S6 onwards)

Apple iPhone 7 onwards

iPad Mini

Apple iPad Pro

The portal works best on the following web browsers and their latest versions:

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Edge (latest versions)

Google Chrome (latest versions)

Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)

Safari 12 and later

Safari for iOS 9.3 and later

Google Chrome for Android (latest versions)

Samsung Internet (latest versions)

*This information is accurate as of February 2023*

I have sent you a message but you have not replied?

Any message you send through the portal will go directly to the compensator who is dealing with your claim. You may wish to phone or email the compensator, their details can be found at the top of your claim overview page.

How and when can I withdraw my claim?

This depends on the current status of the claim. The claim can be withdrawn by entering 'My other actions' and selecting 'withdraw this claim'. If the option isn't available, please contact the portal support centre.

The compensator has disputed the accident caused any injuries what can I do?

You will need to continue to arrange your medical appointment. Once the medical report has been completed and shared with the compensator, they will either make an offer or refuse to deal with your claim based on the medical report.

I have been sent a one time/final offer what does this mean?

The compensator disputes that the accident caused you any injury. They have, however, made a final offer to cover your other protocol damages.

What is an interim payment and can I have one?

Where an element of liability has been admitted in full or in part you will be able to ask for an interim payment for damages. An interim payment is only made for non-personal injury losses such as travel expenses to the medical examination or for property damaged in the accident or your policy excess. It is not for the injury itself.

I have asked for an interim payment but the compensator has not responded, what can I do?

The compensator must respond to an interim payment request within 15 working days. After this time, the option to go to court becomes available on the claim overview screen under 'My other actions'.

Where can I see the reason for the compensator's response to my interim request?

You can find this on the claim overview screen in either the 'My documents' section or the 'My interim payment' section. The compensator will have explained the reason for their decision in the interim response form.

The compensator has offered me a lower amount than I have requested for my interim payment, what can I do?

You will be presented with the option to either accept what the compensator has offered or choose to go to court. If you do not agree with the compensator's lower offer, you can select 'accept offer' and make a new interim payment request.

How will I receive my interim payment?

The compensator will contact you directly to arrange payment outside of the portal.

I have asked for an interim payment from the compensator, this was agreed but I have not received any payment, what can I do?

The compensator should make payment within 10 working days. You can make contact with the compensator directly. The compensator details can be found at the top of your claim overview page or you can send them a message using the 'My message' box. Alternatively, under 'My other actions' there will be a link to go to court for non-payment.

What file types can I upload to the portal?

File types/Description
AVI - Audio video interleave
WMV - Windows media video
MOV and QT- QuickTime format
MK - Matroska open-standard multimedia format 
MP4 - MPEG-4 Part 14 Video file
AVCHD - Advanced Video Coding High Definition
BMP - Bitmap
JPEG/JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
PDF - Portable Document Format
TXT - Text file
RTF - Rich text format
HTM / HTML - www format
PPT / PPTX - MS Power Point
XLS / XLSX - MS Excel
EML, MSG, PST - Email message

Please note: The file size limited is 30MB

Sample Forms

Please see below sample versions of forms which will be generated by the Official Injury Claim portal during the claim journey. We have supplied these so that you can be best prepared for how to populate them or understand their content in advance. 

Interim Request Form - This will be generated by the OICL portal when you send a request for an interim payment to the compensator

Interim Response Form - This will be generated by the OICL portal when the compensator responds to your request for an interim payment.

If you haven't found what you were looking for, please refer to the Help Hub home page for further guides and support.