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Claimant Representatives

We are committed to making sure your organisation has the information it needs to prepare for the new service.

Registrations for Official Injury Claim are now open to claimant representative organisations to help your preparations for the service launch.  This includes, setting up your organisation, creating accounts for your web users and developing your integration to the service.

Security of data is of paramount importance and Official Injury Claim is compliant with data protection and GDPR legislation.  We are committed to ensure high security standards are maintained.


Your registration process

Each organisation will need to nominate an Administrator who takes responsibility for completing the registration process and creating user accounts.  Our Quick Reference Guide provides details for Administrators preparing to register their organisation.  Here is a short summary of the process:

1. Apply to register your organisation

Your Organisation Administrator will enter their name and email on this website and then complete the initial account creation process by following an email link.  Your registration request will indicate the access your organisation requires: (a) web only, (b) web and integration.

2. Accept the user agreement

Your organisation administrator will then need to view and accept the user agreement

Official Injury Claim will then assess your application and confirm acceptance via email within five working days.

3. Set up your organisation structure (web)

Each organisation is different, and the registration process enables Administrators to set up their own preferred structure for organising their web users, for example to distinguish between separate Offices.

4. Create user accounts (web)

Your Administrator will create individual user accounts for your organisation’s office administrators and claims handlers.  Those individual users will receive an email link to confirm their user account has been set up.  Your Administrator may want to advice users to look out for the email and to check they have received it.

5. Set up your integration

For organisations requesting integration access, after you have registered successfully, Official Injury Claim will give you access via a portal to all the necessary integration specifications.

Frequently asked questions

For the purposes of this service, a Claimant Representative is any organisation completing the claim process on behalf of a claimant. Claimant solicitors and claims management companies are eligible to register as claimant representatives.

Administrators should apply for a single registration that covers all your organisation’s users across all offices and subsidiaries. The process then allows your Administrator to create separate offices within your organisation where user setup can be delegated to office administrators.

Organisations may choose to automate processes such as submitting new claims and receiving claim status updates by integrating their systems with Official Injury Claim systems using application programming interface (API) technology. Organisations may also choose to set up individual users who can log into the service to perform claim tasks manually.

The Quick Reference Guide provides information about how to administer your organisation’s web access.  For further support, Contact Us.

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