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Our values

The Official Injury Claim service has been designed to make the personal injury claim process simple, secure and unbiased so anyone can choose to make a claim without legal help. The service is:

  • trustworthy – we work on behalf of the Ministry of Justice
  • secure – we keep your details safe with security features built into every step of the process. We will never sell your personal data
  • independent and unbiased - unlike some other services, we don’t make any money from your claim
  • understanding - we understand what you might go through after an accident and are here to support you through the claim process
  • supportive and straightforward – we work hard on design to make this service easy for you to use
  • helpful – we provide clear information to support you even if you’re unsure where to go
  • effective – we will take you through a simple, guided process to put you in control and help you complete your claim as quickly as possible
  • approachable – we are on hand for any queries or problems you need help with