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Resources for professionals

Resources for professionals

Resources are available for professional users of Official Injury Claim. This page will be updated whenever new documents become available, so check back later if you cannot find what you are looking for. Resources for personal injury claimants will be available after the service launches.

Walkthrough videos

Service walkthrough: Making a claim as a unrepresented claimant

Service Walkthrough: Making a claim as a claimant representative

Service walkthrough: Compensator claim management


Spotlight videos

Non-protocol vehicle costs (NVCs)

Medical reports

Going to court following a liability decision

Dual Tariffs

Registration for Claimant Representatives 

Registration for Compensators

Registration for Third Party Administrators

Third Party Administrator Routing and Pairing


General information

Factsheet: Introducing Official Injury Claim

Official Injury Claim: Designed with inclusion in mind


Professional event materials

End-to-end service clinic (31st March 2021)

Webinar recording

Presentation Slides


Ministry of Justice Webinar (11th march 2021)

Webinar recording

Presentation slides

Official Injury Claim Webinar (2nd March 2021)

Webinar recording

Presentation slides

Questions and Answers (part 1)

Questions and Answers (part 2)

Questions and Answers (part 3)

Stakeholder seminars (March 2020):

Presentation slides

MoJ presentation (video)


News and update emails

Previous updates for professionals


Registration user guides

Claimant representatives


Third Party Administrators

User agreement