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Make a personal injury claim

You have a choice.  [The service] makes the claim process simple, unbiased and secure so you can claim yourself for free without legal help.  You may prefer instead to ask a claims professional to make the claim on your behalf such as a solicitor or claims management company  who might charge you for their help.

[The service] will take you through a simple step-by-step process.

You can make a claim if:

  • you are aged 18 or over
  • the accident happened in England or Wales
  • the accident happened on or after April 2021
  • you were inside a vehicle
  • you believe the accident was not your fault

How it works

1. Start your claim

We’ll ask you about your claim, including:

  • Where and when the accident happened
  • Injuries you have as a result
  • Other vehicles involved and who you think was responsible

2. Investigation

After you’ve submitted your claim, [the service] will pass this to the insurance company that covered the driver you believe was responsible. This service calls them the ‘compensator’. The compensator will then make their own investigations to consider your claim.

3. Medical

You will need an appointment with a medical expert who will assess your injury and write a medical report. [The service] will help you arrange this.

4. Offer

You will be offered compensation for your personal injury claim, which you can then choose whether to accept.

5. Close claim

If you’ve accepted the offer, the compensator will contact you to arrange payment.

You’ll be able to check the progress of your claim online and we’ll also notify you when there have been any updates.

Frequently asked questions

The most common injury after a road traffic accident is whiplash. [The service] deals with whiplash and many other types of injury, such as muscle injuries lasting up to two years, minor fractures, cuts and bruises up to a value of £5,000.

If your injury is severe (such as head injury, broken arms and injuries affecting internal organs), you might need to use a different service for higher-value injuries; the Claims Portal. If so, you may choose to find a solicitor to claim on your behalf and they might not charge you for their help as their costs would be paid by the compensator.

You may choose to contact the compensator and challenge their decision.  If you and the compensator cannot reach agreement, you have the right and the choice to start legal proceedings for your dispute to be resolved in court.  Your claim with [the service] would close as any legal proceedings would take place outside this service.  This might be one scenario where you may choose to seek free legal advice or to ask a solicitor to deal with the legal proceedings on your behalf.

You will need an appointment with a medical expert so they can assess your injury and write a report that the compensator will use as a basis for your compensation offer. [The service] will help you arrange this.

[The service] is free for you to use. If you have chosen for a claims professional such as a solicitor or claims management company to make the claim on your behalf, they might charge you for their help.

There is no fixed time for completing your claim. The time it takes for your claim might depend on how complicated it is for the compensator to decide who was at fault for the accident and how soon you arrange your medical appointment, for example. Here is an idea of how long each stage may take:

1. Start your claim – it should take around <20-30 minutes> to provide your claim information
2. Investigations – <X> days for the compensator to consider your claim
3. Medical – <X days> to arrange your appointment and receive your medical report
4. Offer – <X days> to receive an offer for your injury
5. Close claim – <X days> to receive your payment.

Links to other frequently asked questions to follow.